Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On this special day.

I would like to give thanks to god for this special day that we have sat down and discuss on our future. It might just be a raw scratch but it meant a lot to me. May god bless us through all these difficult times and share the joy with us in our happiest moments. With jesus precious name, Amen.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Chloe's Birthday!

 Just want to share some photos of niang..
She is from Japan! My aunt brought her back to SG.
Now staying with grandma.
Simply too shook eating her biscuits!

why you look at me?

cutie pie.

Chloe’s birthday tonight. Well, we celebrated with her a day earlier. Went for Korean food (TOGI) for dinner and followed by chilling session (Viva Mexico) as usual. The rest went for the 3rd session at clark quay. I’m too old to follow!

The many people dinner. 

piggy cake!

my sarah loves.

Chloe! <3

Pretty burberry nail art.

BEER brought us together!

Ramen Day!

It's labour day but he said it's "Partor" day. 
Went for lunch at Marutama ra-man (The Central) as I heard too much about it.
It was rated top in 2010. 
Decided to give it a try. Overall ramen is ok, just that portion is too big for a lady.
The charsiew was delicious! 
Luckily I've made a reservation... If not I will have to join the queue~

Movie was great. Was expecting Iron man to appear but waited like quite long
then he laugh. Stupid me..! He bought "Identity Thief"tickets because I mentioned about the show before. But I thought, Bimbo show. Will be difficult to ask him to watch. That is why he doesn't want to me check in before the movie lar..... Anyway, which girl doesn't like surprises? (:

The UBER nice char siew!



Tuesday, April 30, 2013


As our lives keep changing, we have to keep up with the foot step and move on. I guess my life revolved more on work. But I'll still try to write so other personal matters too! Since we say "work-life balance", I'll separate my topic into "work" & "life".


Currently tasked with two overwhelming projects which kept me so busy and I can't remember when is the last time I left work on time. This month, I re-contracted with the company again. I guess it's a little due to the comfort level of work and difficult interviews which I've decided to stay on for a while more.

Agnes & Adelene told me that they would like me to focus on only global supplier management which is more of my interest. The biggest portion of this project now is to reduce the lead time of applications. With better knowledge at this area, we would ask lesser questions to Adelene and report directly to Agnes on work matters. Well, I'm not sure if this is better off now but I guess I'll be happier this way. I guess without much logistics background it's still difficult for me to understand how suppliers think. Hope this is really a big stone down.

So happy that Carrie is working in the same company as me too! We can meet up often for lunch and gossip about anything and everything! We decided to meet "chu 1, 15" for salad day!


Went for a short getaway to KL.
There was an teenage couple that irritates us on the trip just because they thinks that they are on "First class" seats. Trying to lay back when there is already not much space at our end, arghs! But overall the trip was still enjoyable as we tried new stuff & got lost together!

Our dinner for the 2 nights, best zi-cha ever!

I'm quite full but still finished the whole plate! Every single bit is so nice!
Fresh coconut mixed in the rice, tender chicken, onion with ikan ibis, hard boil egg which is quite soft and chicken floss!
I love these colored shoes, unlike my usual self
to get these colours but they were so tempting on the shelf,
all on 20%! 
Furama Breakfast. 

Before we left, we went to get some delicious donuts from Krispy Kreme!

Thanks B for the planning of the trip with Elaine's recommendation! (:

Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Love - Samsung NOTE II

Finally brought NOTE II today!
Chose a red cover to match the titanium colour phone.
Quite like the new match.
However, its a lil troublesome transferring data from my current iphone.
I'm still in the process to do so.
So I guess for now, i'll bring both phones out till data is properly transferred to the new phone (:

To-do list seem to grow rapidly.
Not only work but also school.
- ISM Week 8 (Assg and minutes)
- ISM Week 9 (Assg and minutes)
- Pro Com assg week 9
- ISM 4K Report!
well, writing these down could help me sort them out :P
started a little of 4k, hopefully can finish on time.
wasted of time taking this subject actually.
I didn't have much interest in it.
NEVERMIND! It's already the last semester!
Shall bear with it and "keep walking";

In life, we fall. we learn. we walk.
Was looking at one singer performing earlier on.
She was down for a period of time due to some bad image spread about her.
But still today she stood up with huge courage on stage!
For such a big hooha she has proved herself to be so strong. *3 cheers*

Shall go wash up and have a great sleep.

Filled with many many love.
Thank you PS. <3

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Busy Semester

My last semester yet the most busy! It wasn't that bad for the past few semesters as there were no weekly report to be written. This semester was rather different. We had to do reports weekly and almost all weekend used up for the assignments! Well, partially because of my bad planning and mindset. NEVERMIND! This will be over soon... Looking forward to graduating and there will then comes freedom!!!!!!!!!!

At a blink of eyes, I would be 30 years old soon. For this 6years, I should draw out a "business plan" for my life. Like... what aim should I put on myself? *Brainstorm* Hmm....

Was checking out Note II and had already done my booking for the titanium color. Although white looks more lady like, it doesn't look as appealing as titanium. *dream dream*

Got to plan and sleep earlier these day. I don't want my skin to get worst. It will be so difficult to maintain after that and no matter how many SKs I apply... IT WILL NOT HELP!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

The lil surprise!

This was a little surprise prepared by Uncle Phoon on 6 sept. 
As usual after school I went back with val. 
But before school, val told me she had craving for starbucks.

We went to starbucks and slack till about 11pm
and headed home. 
Though I find it quite fishy, but she didn't say a thing. 

When I reached my lift lobby,
Uncle Phoon was at my lift and he "zoot" me. 
I turn back and the silly boy was with roses and a cake. 

The 35mins wait with these to accompany him.

The super surprise.

Thank you phoon-san for the planning (;
Not forgetting my dearest valentina for the help.

Thank you both for making my birthday such a special day of the calendar.